Urgent Update: 


The club are conscious that you have been inundated with emails recently, but we would be grateful if you could read this one! Some members have enquired about how the club will manage particular aspects so hopefully the following will provide some solutions. The club have to inform you that it is now closed until further notice. The AGM & Wimbledon ballot have been cancelled indefinitely, along with all other club activities.

1. Membership.

 For thoes who have renewed their memberships or intend to renew by 1st April, the club will agree a period of extension of their membership renewal once there is certainty of how long the period will be.This will not apply to those who defer their renewal, but they are welcome to rejoin as soon as they feel they are able to play again.

  1. AGM. This has been cancelled, but please request the AGM folder of reports & election of officers, from the club email. Unfortunately it can’t be attached to this email, so it will have to be sent individually.

    3. Wimbledon ballot. 
    It has been decided that in the current circumstances the club will not be doing a manual preference exercise for Wimbledon Tickets, but will be switching to an automated ballot through the LTA. 
    This will mean that the offer of Wimbledon Tickets will commence shortly through the LTA balloting system, which will randomly assign tickets to the eligible club members via the website.
    Please note, once a member declines or misses the payment deadline they are unable to be assigned any other pair of tickets.

    4. Court use.
    The courts are now closed. 

    5. Coaching.
    A refund will be available to anyone who has currently paid for next terms courses online. 
    For those of you who pay via ClubSpark in termly blocks please refrain from booking onto any future courses until we email out informing you group coaching will be resuming. This way we can adjust the cost and number of weeks to reflect missed sessions. 
    Please could anybody who is currently paying for their coaching with a Standing Order stop their monthly payments. Once group coaching is able to continue we would then ask for you to resume your monthly standing order.

Just follow all the advice you’ve been given & we’ll get going again as soon as we can!