Thank you all for your patience, but as you must appreciate, the club has to make appropriate plans before we reopen. Like yourselves, those of us on the committee are really eager to start playing again, especially during the lovely weather we’ve had. Please be mindful that the restart of tennis is totally conditional on the government’s guidance.

We have a long list of guidelines which you must read before booking a court, but ultimately it is common sense & you must take full responsibility for your actions & your safety.

Apart from the LTA guidelines the club would like to draw your attention to the following:

1. The courts will open for booking from Saturday 16th May.

2. To book a court you must be a member & use your login. As a gesture of goodwill the club will restart membership renewal on 1st July, therefore everyone will benefit from free 4-6 weeks. 

 All those who were members at Lockdown, will have an extension on their membership until 1 July. If they have already renewed their next renewal will be extended until 1 July 2021. If they are yet to rejoin, but wish to book a court, they will have to renew in order to activate their login.  However,  their renewal date will not be until 1 July 2021. I hope this is clear, but everyone gains the next six weeks free of charge, & those who have already rejoined haven’t lost out.

3. The club would prefer you play only singles

4. If any adults are accompanying their children to watch, please keep at least a 2 metre distance, & only one adult per child.

5. Make as little contact as possible with people & hard surfaces. Do not shake hands etc

6. It would be helpful if you could make sure you bring hand sanitiser with you. However, there is hand sanitiser on the cabin wall under the clock, & wipes & spray in the ball storage bin. 

7. The cabin will be out of bounds for the current time. First aid box is in the ball storage bin. Floodlights cannot be used.

8. There are no toilet facilities available & no hot water for hand washing. Bring your own drink.

9. To access courts 1 & 2 use the main gate opposite the cabin. To access courts 3 & 4 use the far gate with padlock code 4174

10. Players must use a personal set of balls, marked with their initials, taken home with them. The new balls in the storage bin maybe used on a first come first served basis! 

If you have any concerns please contact the club via


The full LTA guidelines can be found at:—covid-19.pdf