Club & Covid 19 Update – 23rd July 

The LTA guidance was updated 23/7, based on government guidance. Please open the link for further details:—covid-19.pdf.  


Please ensure you complete our Covid Checklist before each vist to the club this can be found here:




Attending the tennis courts is not free from risk so it is your responsibility to limit the risk to yourself & other players. The club is maintaining strict procedures for your safety.

The Club has devised a checklist for EVERYONE to read WHICH YOU WILL FIND AT THE END OF THIS UPDATE


Court bookings Please do not book a court for anyone else’s use. The booking sheet provides the club with a record of who has been using the court. It is necessary for you to keep a record of who you played with just in case contact tracing is required.

Do please cancel your booking if you change your mind. 



 Parking. Now that the cricket club has restarted their sport, would our members please be considerate & return to parking in the main car park.


Club nights. The committee are currently undertaking a full risk assessment & preparing to reinstate the club nights. You will be notified as soon a they are on & the procedures we put in place. In the meantime it is possible to play doubles, but only as a booked four, maintaining distancing, not mixing with other courts, minimal socialising. There will be no club social events until further notice.


Coaching Programme    With the lifting of some more restrictions, September looks hopeful for the junior & adult coaching programmes to resume, but there maybe some changes. Coaching groups are permitted where a coach takes control & maintains the distancing measures. The course information will be on the website from August & you will be informed when bookings can be made.


Holiday Camps     More spaces now available on our holiday camps for 5-11 year olds, which are running on a Monday, Tuesday & Thursday throughout August. Book now via our website:


Hitters sometimes coaches may suggest those on lessons would like to hit with one of our performance youngsters, or a level 1 or 2 coach. This is an individual arrangement, if you are a parent arranging this for a child it is your responsibility to safeguard your child. Any fees due are again between yourself & the hitter & should be between £5-£10 per session.


Floodlights There has been much discussion about the ongoing problems with the lights & although a substantial outlay,  the decision has now been taken to have the current lights converted from Halogen to LED. We are currently just sourcing the best price for the conversion. From our investigations it is felt this is the correct way to solve the problems so members can enjoy their tennis again all year round. In the meantime please accept the intermittent problem as there is no value in continuing repair work.


Club Room. It is very disappointing but the whole process has been slowed by the current situation, so unlikely we will get the building up this winter as hoped. We will keep pressing on & aim for it to go ahead as soon as, it is at all possible.



If you are the last to leave, please make sure all court gates are locked, floodlights are switched off.  Padlock code:  has been updated check your emails. ( new blue padlocks coming any day)


Please continue to keep a safe distance & use hand sanitiser to help keep the club & your fellow players safe.