Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Downend and Frenchay
Tennis Club CIO will be held on Thursday 11th May 2023 commencing 6.30-8.30pm,
at the Golf Centre Conference Room.

An Agenda will be forwarded not later than 14 days prior to the date of the Meeting.
Only one named adult member of Downend and Frenchay Tennis Club will be
entitled to vote on any Proposals or Resolutions, and in order to regulate this
requirement at the meeting it would be helpful if you could advise the name of that
person who has the authority to vote on your behalf when registering your interest to

Honorary Life Members are welcome to attend but no voting rights for such persons
are conferred.

The present Officers of the management committee of Downend and Frenchay
Tennis Club are Penny White, Chairperson, Jenny Hinchley, Treasurer and Sue
Sheath, Secretary, have indicated their willingness to continue in office for a further
12 months if elected to do so. Retiring officer is Social Secretary, Lesley St Leger.
We have other committee members willing to continue; Milo George Deputy Chair,
Welfare Officer Theresa Pearson, with Rachel Fenton supporting; Lorraine Hutton as
General Support; Emily Churchill willing to take on Social Secretary.

We would be delighted to speak with any person prior to the AGM who would like to
be considered for the remaining vacant position as General Support
However, should any of our Members wish to nominate a person to serve as an
Officer on the Management Committee then we attach the appropriate Nomination
form that requires completion. Please arrange for this to be returned to the Chair or
Secretary at least 7 days prior to the AGM date.


The Trustees of Downend and Frenchay Tennis Club CIO are Penny White, Lorraine
Hutton, Simon Perry, Rich Colman and Martin Laws. In accordance with our
Constitution, each year, two (one third) Trustees will need to resign and willing to be
re-elected by Members at the AGM and to serve for 3 years. Lorraine Hutton and
Simon Perry have indicated their willingness to stand for re-election as trustees. The
remaining trustees will continue to serve the year.

Finally, should any Member wish to propose a Resolution to be discussed and voted
upon at the AGM then please use the Resolution Form attached. The Notice of
Resolution must be returned to the Secretary 14 days prior to the AGM.

For the AGM documents, please visit and log in.